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Under close supervision, this position performs minor to average routine maintenance and repair services on different types of vehicles.
Works with the assistance of a T3, T4, TIC, SS or SM, when performing highly technical and superior diagnostic type repairs. Task assignments are directed by shop management to encourage development in a productive manner.
The T2 Technician performs minor to average repairs and routine maintenance under limited supervision. The T2 may be assigned to work/train directly with a T3 or T4.
Performs vehicle maintenance and repair duties including
Performs standard vehicle maintenance
Performs standard component inspections and repairs
Performs preventive maintenance
Diagnoses standard mechanical and electronic problems, utilizing diagnostic computer when applicable
Identifies root cause of basic failures/conditions and perform repairs as required
Replace defective components as instructed
Performs facility maintenance duties.
Interacts with customers/drivers to properly determine nature of complaint once assigned a task.
Utilizes key functions of Shop Management System and electronic documentation available.
Works in accordance with all federal/ provincial and corporate compliance guidelines (i.e., safety, DOT, MOT).
Other support duties as required to support operations. These could include but are not limited to Service Island support.
Skill Area: Tire and Wheel Maintenance: Tire & Wheel safety trained within 90 days (TW220)
- Perform air pressure checks
- Check tread depth
- Identify tires that need to be changed or repaired
- Perform tire P.M. checks
- Replace tire and wheel assemblies
Skill Area: Preventive Maintenance: PM trained and qualified within 90 days (PM230&PM298)
- Proper lube techniques
- Minimal tire inspection
- Brake check/applied stroke
- Battery check
Under vehicle check/loose components
- Fault code identification
Skill Area: Brakes-Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic trained and qualified within 90 days (BH220&BH298) where appropriate
- Road test for proper operation
- Make visual inspections for leaks
- Check park brake operation
- Check fluid level
- Measure lining thickness
- Adjust service brakes
- Adjust park brakes
Skill Area: Brakes-Air: Brake Air trained and qualified within 90 days (BA220&BA298)
- Identify, remove, & replace all brake-related defective components
- Identify components of air brake system
- Operate brakes and identify irregular noises, air leaks
- Perform simple air system tests
- Measure lining thickness
- Adjust brakes
- Perform air brake sections of P.M.
- Measure drums, rotors, cam bushings
Skill Area: A/C & Heater
- Operate the system and recognize if the system is cooling or not (PM related)
- Perform basic system checks such as power to compressor, condenser obstructions, belt tension, etc.
Skill Area: Cargo Handling/Transfer, Liftgates
- Identify leaks
- Operate lift gate
- Identify make and model
- Add fluid to bring to proper level
Skill Area: Charging Systems (electrical) : HD electrical trained within 90 days (DR208)
- Visually inspect batteries
- Clean connections
- Check condition of belts
- Check alternator mounting and pulley
- Replace and adjust belts
Skill Area: Cranking System (electrical)
- Inspect and test batteries
- Visually inspect cables and cranking motor
- Clean the battery cables, connections and starter
- Replace batteries
- Charge and check batteries
- Replace or repair defective cables
Skill Area: Lighting System and Electrical Accessories
- Repair minor wiring problems
- Repair minor lighting problems
- Replace bulbs, lenses and simple light assemblies
- Replace and adjust sealed beams
- Install or replace accessories such as heated mirrors, fans, radios, CB's, spotlights, electronic
devices, etc.
Skill Area: Clutch
- Lubricate throw-out bearing, linkage, shafts, and cables
- Identify proper clutch operation
- Identify proper clutch brake operation and adjust
- Adjust hydraulic or mechanical clutches
Skill Area: Cooling Systems
- Check and adjust coolant levels
- Visually inspect system for leaks
- Make minor repairs such as hose replacements, fan shr
High school diploma or equivalent
Post-secondary vocational education strongly preferred.
Must have minimum tools required as outlined in Maintenance policy 2.02
Additional Requirements
Must have a valid driver's license
Valid CDL (license A) is highly desired; mandatory in some locations
Must possess state license as required
Must be able to read codes and instructions on the computer.
Must be able to document repairs on the computer
Must have through any combination of classroom training or work experience totaling 1 year of mechanical repairs on heavy duty and medium duty equipment.
Ability to understand and communicate effectively, work shift work/weekend as required, perform all entry level tasks, and demonstrate mechanical aptitude.Knowledge of and the ability to apply knowledge of computers. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist